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This is a secure area where you will be able to share basic information about your Sexually Transmitted  Infection(s) and attempt to find out how you may have been infected. After completing this page, you can go to the next page to confidentially and securely provide information about your partners and others at risk of contracting HIV/STI(s). A Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) will assist you in notifying and referring them to medical services. Please  take your time and provide responses to as many questions as possible. If you can't do it all now, you can always return to this partner services page at your convenience; but...the sooner your partners, friends or relatives can be notified, the better your chances of making an impact on stopping the spread of the HIV/STI(s) you were diagnosed with. Henceforth, you hold the key to the success of this process. 

Just remember that we are committed to confidentiality and your privacy is safe with us. Your entries will never be stored on this website. 

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